MMM Global RSA registration and support in South Africa.

MMM Global RSA is a classic financial pyramid in its purest form, based on trust. No investments or generation of added value. MMM South Africa is different from the other pyramids by the absence of a center – the money is stored in the accounts of its participants. This pyramid is not intended to enrich its founder – all the money is transferred only between the accounts of people in the system. The founders and participants regard the project as a mutual benefit fund, a big “virtual wallet”, which is voluntarily contributed by mostly unfamiliar people with their funds for a specified period. The money is distributed among the participants as it arrives, and, as the number of participants and deposits is strictly increasing, this process can be considered continuous.

What is special about the financial pyramid of MMM South Africa?


In fact, the whole activity of MMM is based on a voluntary basis, i.e. there is no officially registered organization, supervising the project. There is also no single bank account, from which someone could dishonestly collect the contributions of the participants.


MMM operates as a classic pyramid scheme: payments to participants are made from new deposits, and there are no other ways of bringing funds. However, such a scheme is very simple and humane: you help someone today, and tomorrow someone will help you. Moreover, it really works, proven by the rapid growth of the pyramid!


MMM RSA Global : investment principles


MMM SA gives such a return on deposits: 20% per month (if you are a regular participant of the project) and up to 100% per month (if you want to become a volunteer of the system, by participating in the project MMM-EXTRA).


Only proven executives are accepted in the project: to become a tensman and hundredman, one must go through a complicated verification procedure and prove their loyalty to the system. All this confirms the fact that no strangers can be accepted there, as well as the pyramid has its every chance to successfully develop and live a long time, like a Madoff Pyramid which has existed for about 50 years.


Whatever shall happen – time will tell, as nothing can be said for sure about financial pyramids. Any financial pyramid, whether it is MMM or a normal bank – is a risk, which the depositors are always warned about and which they should be prepared to. Every participant of MMM is aware of this, so everyone should decide for himself at his own risk – to take or not to take part in this project. Anyway, you should never invest your last funds, even if the project seems super reliable and extra profitable. Today MMM RSA Global is the only social project of mutual assistance, participation in which by each of us, perhaps, after a while, would change the world for the better.